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Solstice Cafe and that i feel of Sunday mornings. I love Sunday mornings. Prior to the dread and realization that Monday occurs overnight, you do have a couple hours to maneuver gradual, consume a fantastic breakfast, and Outback Lunch Menu comprehend how terrific everyday living be if you lastly receive a likelihood to stop wondering about items that issue to everyone else other than us – specifically everything having to do with get the job done.

We wake up from the useless rest triggered by a Saturday evening of an excessive amount every little thing, settle into your automobile, and tune the radio to at least one from the acoustic dawn stations and travel although Radiohead carries us to Solstice Cafe in Grant Park. There it is for the north stop of the strip mall, round the corner to an vacant house, a unclean, outdated, rundown laundromat, as well as a smaller Mexican grocery store that has a ceiling lined with pinatas, Solstice Cafe is a quaint, bohemian foodstuff spot easily down below the foodie radar.

Straightforward steel tables painted over by having an novice painter’s touch, walls lined with paintings in numerous media and a bar serving the two omelettes and liquor, that is nonetheless yet another mystery spot unvisited via the hordes of breakfast feeders exploring for an additional order of biscuits, grits and pancakes.

Solstice Cafe is exactly what would happen in the event you turned an excellent bohemian coffee store right into a breakfast and lunch place after which you can gave it a liquor license. The employees is pleasant and on this specific Sunday early morning, every person seems to be gripping the hrs prior to tomorrow because they sip their coffees and enjoy Sinatra crooning above the speakers.

The menu is lite, mainly consisting of eggs, sandwiches, potatoes and other basic fare. No pancakes, no tremendous dimension servings. Simply a peaceful area away with the lines with the Traveling Biscuit, Thumbs Up, and Crescent Moon – all which has a huge painting of Elvis powering the bar.